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That must be one tasty sleeve. xD






(via The peacock fae dress with bustle skirt and corset by FractalWings)

Nudes Candles Crystals Nature…

Wow what I would do to own this beautiful creation.

Kyuu and Ai Rougen from Sky Pirates.


Daily dose of inspiration/motivation. It’s close to the end of November and all the #WriMos are freaking out…but keep calm, keep writing. One word after the other. Hot beverages help too. And chocolate. You can do this, don’t give up yet!


By || beso


Haenuli New design - Enchanted  Fawn

JSK reservation :
OP reservation :
Skirt & Fake-fur Cape& tights, reservation :

As a lover of Steven Universe, I feel it is my duty to subject my own (along with my friend’s) characters to a Crystal Gem makeover party. Problem is, I can’t choose between which characters to Gemify.

I want to do at least 3 characters as Gems. I’m stuck between:

Captain Bonnie~ She’s a pirate captain and enjoys shooting stuff and acting like a villain despite the fact she really is just a sweetheart kinda sorta maybe.

Lantern~ A witch with a calm and soothing personality and 24/7 job that forces her to keep her best pal from killing everything around her (aka Bonnie).

Leah~ A robot/ human lady who started making herself into a bot after her hubby got amnesia and forgot about her. She’s a nice lady but is often kinda vain. Loves being a youthful beauty.

Ai~ A winged girl who is kinda shy but still enjoys dressing up, tricking people, and stealing stuff. She’s a good girl but kinda bad too. In a nice way.

And last but not at all least….

Koko~ A crazy chick who loves to talk and dress up in costumes. She can mimic different voices and has a love for adventure and other fun stuff. Has to stop her best bud (aka Ai) from stealing everyone blind.

I want to make them all into Crystal Gems but, I know how lazy I am with drawing these days so I’m sticking with three.

Oh wise tumblr, help me out maybe. Which 3 should I do?


Behold, the next Crystal Gem: Bedazzled!


The Steven Universe cast!

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